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Database migration, a critical component for enterprise information integration, is a collection of processes and procedures for moving the data stored in a particular database platform to another database platform.

In today's business world enterprise data has become so complex that these processes are slow, very expensive, time consuming, and in some cases inefficient.

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This is where Monarca Enterprise exceeds their requirements and provides innovative capabilities that increase employee effectiveness, migrate heterogeneous databases, and maximize capital and operating budgets.

Monarca enables clients migrating data from a wide range of SQL databases or other tabular data sources, such as spreadsheets or flat files with innovative reengineering and cleansing capabilities.

With a new set of innovative features, Monarca delivers rapid implementation of database migration processes that can give your company a critical competitive advantage.

Multi-database Migration Support

One of the greatest Monarca's features is the ability to migrate data from multiples data sources (popular SQL databases or other tabular data sources, such as spreadsheets or flat files) regardless their vendors, platforms and locations using the same application.

Automated Database Migration

The Automated Database Migration Wizard allows moving your entire database schema structure along constraints, indices, relationships and data across multiple target databases with just a few clicks. With an easy-to-use style, you just need to specify source database, objects you want to migrate, target database and it's done!

This Wizard is recommended when you need to change your database platform and you want to keep the entire database schema structure along data.

Complex Database Migration

To deal with complex database migrations that cannot be automated, for instance, a restructuring database migration, Monarca provides a second method for performing database migrations called Database Migration Diagrams (DMD).

A DMD allows achieving complex database migrations modeling the entire database migration as an intuitive graphical data flow diagram. Use them when you need to change your database platform and target database schema structure is different from source.

DMD are very simple and powerful because allows focusing on the logical part of the migration process and not on the physical part. You just need to focus on logical aspects like mapping tables and columns between source and target databases, while Monarca takes care of physical migration aspects like incompatibility between table and column names, column data types or column precision and scale.

You will be able to integrate multiple data sources into a single one, to create SQL queries to populate your target tables, even to use Larva™ Libraries to validate and transform your data.

Larva™ Technology

Monarca provides an Open API (Application Program Interface) called Larva™ to allow third parties integrating their solutions and extend existing Monarca migration functionality. This API allows programming custom transformation and validation functions using the Java® language to perform complex database migration processes. For more information, visit Monarca Larva™ page.

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